Dr. Hamburger has over 35 years of global drug development experience leading to numerous marketing authorizations in oncology, rare diseases and other therapeutic areas, across multiple geographies. Most recently, Dr. Hamburger was responsible for clinical regulatory affairs at FerGene and was Vice President and Head, Regulatory Affairs at Checkmate Pharmaceuticals, and Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Tarveda Therapeutics. Dr. Hamburger led global regulatory efforts for both biotech and large pharmaceutical companies including Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Baxalta, Immunomedics and Savient Pharmaceuticals, and held senior regulatory affairs positions at Takeda/Millennium, Johnson & Johnson/Janssen/Ortho Biotech, Eli Lilly, and Zeneca/ICI Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Hamburger has had significant involvement in the development and/or global registration of many drugs including Krystexxa®, Onivyde®, Oncaspar®, Velcade®, Gemzar®, Alimta®, Doxil® and Accolate®