Dr. Kaufmann, who has extensive experience in discovery and preclinical development of both biotherapeutics and small molecule drug product candidates, will focus on progressing Oncternal’s preclinical product development programs and exploring opportunities to expand the Company’s product development pipeline. Prior to joining Oncternal, Dr. Kaufmann served as Senior Vice President, Immunotherapy, Head of Research and Global Partnerships at Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Kaufmann was previously a faculty member at The Scripps Research Institute and still serves as Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Immunology and Microbial Science. Dr. Kaufmann holds a B.S. in human biology from Phillips University Marburg, an M.S. in human biology from Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University Greifswald, and a Ph.D. from The Scripps Research Institute’s Biology Program.